Sunday, June 17, 2012

Utah & Bikes

We have had a great summer so far! Most recently Ben and I headed to Utah for the little red riding hood bike race. I was missing family and friends like no other. Needless to say I LOVED OUR TRIP! 

Calli (Bright yellow jacket) is pretty much a rockstar! She is about 3 months pregnant, and rode 50 miles with us!

I was lucky enough to ride a few miles with my awesome sister in law Michelle(great name right?).

Calli and Bens cousin Erin were so much fun to chat and laugh with through the ride!

Sea of bikes at lunch.

Finishing strong. 100 miles.....Check!

Love. Peace. Ride

Andy is my sisters cute little boy! He pretty much thought fighting bubbles was the best thing in the world. I have to agree!

This is what war looks like.

Dallin, Charles, and Andy ready for church.

Cute family!

 After my century bike ride Ben thought it would be fun to also do one. Lucky him there was one in Walla Walla this past weekend. Not as many riders as little red, but still a good turn out!

Gu on the bike, and ready to ride!

Most definitively the best looking rider there!

I met Ben around mile 70 to refill his water and powerade. Ben wanted me to point out that NO he doesn't NOT have love handles! Those are actually bananas in his back pocket. He ate about 7 bananas throughout the ride.....yummy..... potassium!

Finishing like a champion. Shirt unzipped and all :)


Heather Francis said...

You guys are rock stars! 100 miles is impressive! If only I could say my love handles were bananas too!!!

N+C said...

I'm impresssssssssssssed!

Linds said...

You guys rock!
I wish I could blame bananas for my love handles ;)

Calli said...

Chell, thanks so much for posting this! So fun to see the pictures. I sure loved your Utah trip too!! I don't want to go that long again with out seeing you guys!! Maybe we will be to walla walla next?? Love ya!!

Tyler Wren said...

You guys have some great photos! -Tyler Wren, cyclist and former Utah resident